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Alliance for Watershed Education Fellows.

Amani Reid

Amani used to attend camp in Delaware where she was exposed to nature. Her favorite place in nature is the Kakum National Park in Ghana.

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Elizet Moralez-Perez

Elizet Moralez-Perez was not strongly connected to nature during her childhood in the Trenton area, but her continual desire to learn will help her identify plants and birds on the trails as she leads guided hikes.

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Thomas Doyle

Thomas Doyle swam in rivers, visited parks, and played in the woods as a child. He hopes to use his expertise in fixing bikes to improve people’s experiences on the trails.

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Alexa Messick

Alexa Messick enjoyed being outdoors as a child, especially when she could drive herself to Bombay Hook. Her passion for sharing nature appreciation will help her develop outreach strategies at The Nature Conservancy and First State National Historical Park.

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Cedric Lary

Cedric Lary attended outdoor summer camps growing up in Ewing and became interested in nature as a volunteer at Baldpate Mountain. He plans to become an astrobiology professor.

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Samantha Walters

Samantha is a returning fellow, who is spending her second summer with the Alliance! Since last year, she has learned how diverse the communities of the watershed are, and how connected the people are.

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