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Katie Toner

The Importance of Volunteers | Katie Toner

The first time I visited Bristol Marsh Nature Preserve, I was surprised by its size. After driving through the narrow streets of Bristol Borough, admiring store fronts, I was not expecting the road to open up to a wide expanse of marsh. I parked, and upon leaving the car, was met with the sounds of…

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Young environmental Fellows connect communities to Nature

A clean-up campaign along a Philadelphia waterway, Wilmington area youth immersed in the Christina River and wetland ecosystems, and a series of videos highlighting Camden’s trails, rivers and parks, are just a few examples of the inspiring summer projects organized by Delaware River Fellows of the Alliance for Watershed Education. Each of the 13 young…

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The Power of Rivers | Camille Kauffman

Have you ever listened to a river speak? Maybe you have heard it, but have you listened? It could have been the soft trickle of water passing over rocks, the roar of rapids gushing downstream, or the splash of meandering waves crashing on a brook. Rivers are a huge philosophical and spiritual symbol in one…

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Tarilyn Medlar

Visiting Petty’s Island before it is open to the public was an amazing, unique experience. I didn’t grow up in a city, I’m suburban through and through. Deer in the backyard, turkey in the road, raccoons in the attic. That’s always been normal for me. Even though my undergraduate school was in the Bronx (Riverdale),…

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Girl crouches by sign "Whats your water story"

Jane Eisenhardt

To all my Avatar fans, this post is for you. This past weekend I just finished watching James Cameron’s wonderful film and could not help but be inspired by the Na’vi character’s intense connection with the natural world. The characters not only find beauty and pleasure throughout Pandora, but they also have a deep spiritual…

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