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Alliance for Watershed Education Fellows.

Mouhamad Hien

“My name is Mouhamad; I live in Southwest Philadelphia and I’m a recent high school graduate. [During the Fellowship] I hope to learn more about the steps to becoming a park ranger and experience what it’s like to work under one.”

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Sanaa Furaha-Ali

“I studied Natural Resource Management all four years of high school and over the summer I studied Ag at Penn State for the whole summer. I am excited about everything I will experience and meeting new people. I hope to gain new skills about resource management”

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Naja Jackson

“I’ve always had a relationship with nature and the environment, but being from the city makes it hard to conceptualize nature and my proximity to it. My relationship with nature evolved once I went to college and decided to major in Environmental Studies. Reading, although a city like Philly, has Mt. Penn and Antietam Lake…

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Ryan Robinson

“I am excited for the result of my capstone project, [learning] how to direct a group efficiently whilst allowing them to enjoy the experience, and to be able to make a small difference in spreading watershed education”

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Ashlyn Thomas

“I’ve had my heart set on ecology ever since my first bug hunt at 10 years old, though I also enjoy wildlife biology. While only just getting into the good parts of my coursework at college, I’m excited to learn more. I’m super excited to meet the other Fellows and to network. I’d like to…

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