Naja Jackson - Alliance for Watershed Education of the Delaware River

Naja Jackson

“I’ve always had a relationship with nature and the environment, but being from the city makes it hard to conceptualize nature and my proximity to it. My relationship with nature evolved once I went to college and decided to major in Environmental Studies. Reading, although a city like Philly, has Mt. Penn and Antietam Lake in its backyard. I’ve been able to do field work at Mt. Penn and Antietam Lake and have more opportunities to go on more nature walks because of my access to the woods and trails. I was exposed to various perspectives surrounding the environment and human relationships with the natural world. I’ve taken ecology, biology, and courses
that covered climate change. The fellowship allows me to connect with the nature I had no idea existed in my own city and with people in my community. I am also excited to meet so many new people and create relationships and ties with other fellows.”