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Alliance for Watershed Education Fellows.

Christina Maldonado

Christina did not have the chance to explore the outdoors much as a child, but is making up for it now. She loves hiking, and will be learning conservation skills to preserve the outdoors for future generations.

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Geré Johnson

Geré was in a science program in high school, and got to spend a lot of time outdoors. Now, she is hoping to encourage others to do the same! 

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Amanda Buchner

Amanda grew up visiting the ocean and exploring her local parks, and is excited to build one-on-one relationships with the members of her community this summer.

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Gio Rivera

Gio loves getting outside to explore his local parks, and is looking forward to reaching out to his community through social media.

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Emily Dallas

 Emily grew up visiting lots of state parks with her family, and her favorite outdoor activity is white water rafting! She is very excited to learn more about the geography of the watershed. 

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Andrew Atkerson

Andrew grew up visiting Valley Green park, and recommends spending time fishing and feeding the local ducks!

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