Schuylkill River History Hike - Alliance for Watershed Education of the Delaware River

Schuylkill River History Hike

Saturday, October 3rd

10:30 AM

The stretch of the Schuylkill River between Manayunk and Roxborough changed dramatically when Flat Rock Dam opened in 1820. Creating the Manayunk Canal and Venice Island, the canal has been cut off from the river and Venice Island is now home to a veritable city of new construction. But the dam is changing, as Philadelphia Water moves forward with an ambitious plan to redesign the site to allow water to flow through the long-stagnant canal. On a walk from the Shawmont Train Station to Green Lane bridge, discover the train station’s history and future, spend time at the dam to learn about its plans, and walk along Venice Island, join the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education to explore the history and ecology of the area. Participants can then walk into Manayunk for lunch, or return to Shawmont. Co-sponsors include Philadelphia Water Department, Roxborough Development Corporation, the Roxborough-Manayunk Conservancy, and local civic associations.