Rediscovering the Strawberry Mansion Reservoir - Alliance for Watershed Education of the Delaware River

Rediscovering the Strawberry Mansion Reservoir

Thursday, October 6th

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

join Audubon staff as we take a deep dive into the history, current use, and birding of the Strawberry Mansion Reservoir. Guests will be lead on a private tour of the facility. Exploring the history of the site (Did this water actually come from the Delaware River Watershed?), its connection to Strawberry Mansion (How residents use the space now), and how Audubon utilizes this Important Bird Area (IBA, as recognized by The National Audubon Society.) Guests will get first-hand experience in our Community Science Initiative of Mussel Measurement. As well as help the riparian buffer zone, a critical habitat we want to protect and preserve.

Location Details

Discovery Center

Location Address

3401 Reservoir Dr.
Philadelphia , PA 19121